A strand of many lei woven together 

is more powerful than one strand of lei.

MAWHCC Committees

Committee Responsibilities

Financing and Fundraising - Works with the Pu‘ukū (Treasurer) to review/develop the budget and explore potential external funding resources (i.e. grants, sponsors, and other fundraising). 

Community Relations and Membership - Works with the Kākau ‘Ōlelo (Secretary) to recruit and mentor new members. Work to create informative and graphically appealing information for the Club’s social media venues (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Club Blog, Newsletter).

Aloha - Works with a Kilo i‘a to provide member support services during times of bereavement or other emergency assistance. 

Nohona Hawai'i (Hawaiian Way of Life) - Works with a Kilo I’a to develop programs offering cultural and educational opportunities that share aspects of Nohona Hawai‘i such as ‘ōlelo, mele, nā mo‘ōlelo, values, hula, arts and crafts. 

Scholarship - Explore and implement ways to fundraise and manage scholarship funds. Review and vote on applications and send recommendations to the Papa Alaka‘i for final selection. Annually recommend the number of scholarships and the amount for each to be awarded that year.  Review guidelines for eligibility and recommend to Papa Alaka‘i any changes, if needed. 

Convention - Works with Pelekikena to submit a budget and proposals to AOHCC (i.e. cost for travel, food, registration etc.). Identify members for possible recognition awards at the annual convention. 

Archival - Work with a Kilo I‘a to develop guidelines and procedures to document Club records and history. 

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