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The life of this land is perpetuated in righteousness for the people of Hawai'i.  

 MAWHCC motto in 2006

Founding of Moku‘āina A Wakinekona Hawaiian Civic Club

Moku‘āina A Wakinekona Hawaiian Civic Club (MAWHCC) was founded on July 8, 2006 in Washington State and chartered as a part of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs (AOHCC) and Mainland Council Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs (MCAHCC). Our club was established and sponsored by the Lahaina Hawaiian Civic Club. MAWHCC provides a range of Hawaiian cultural activities and a scholarship program.  While membership is open to all, a minimum of 25 members must be of Hawaiian ancestry to maintain its charter.  

The following is an account of the founding of the Moku‘āina A Wakinekona HCC as given by Benjamin Baker, 2006 founding club Pelekikena:

"I am a member of Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club and also Lahaina Hawaiian Civic Club. I'd been a member for about 2 years with both clubs. In early 2006, I was encouraged by Holo'aumoku Ralar, Pelekikena of Lahaina HCC, to start a Hawaiian Civic Club in the State of Washington. One of the requirements is a minimum of 25 Hawaiians to start a club.  

I discussed it with my Mom & Dad, Aunty Emma Sarono and other family members and friends and on July 8, 2006 during da Baker ‘Ohana gathering at Mike's Beach Resort in Liliwaup, Wa. We met and talked about creating a Hawaiian Civic Club. We had a total of 32 that filled out the application and our Hawaiian Civic Club was established. Now we needed to give the club a name so we slept on it and talked about it the next day. 

The next morning, Aunty Emma Sarono told us she had a dream of our club's name the night before and began telling the family about this land of Washington and its beauty and shared the name that came to her: Moku'āina A Wakinekona Hawaiian Civic Club. 

We submitted the application to the Mainland Council of Hawaiian Civic Clubs and to the Association of Hawaiian Clubs Executive board for approval. On October 26, 2006 at the Annual Convention of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, Waikiki Marriott Hotel, Aunty Emma Sarono and I were called to the podium by Pelekikena Antoinette Lee. She officially announced Moku'āina A Wakinekona HCC as a chartered club and part of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs. That was the most memorable moment of my life as the first MAWHCC Pelekikena."

- Benjamin Kaeha Baker

Pelekikena Iho Nei

February 2022

Founding Papa Alaka‘i & Members

Benjamin Kaeha Baker

Pelekikena 2006-2021 

Pelekikena Iho Nei 2021-Current

Emma Maka‘olono Sarono

Hope Pelekikena


Angelina Ahokumai Kalani  Sarono

Kākau ‘Ōlelo Recording


Leilani ‘I-Lovell



Debra Joaquin

Kākau ‘Ōlelo



Edna Maile Baker

Kilo I'a


Lulu Awa'a

Kilo I'a


DJ Mark

Kilo I'a



Maluna O Kou Kahua Ko Makou Pomaika'i  - Upon your foundation is our success

Mahalo Nui Loa

Lulu Awaa

Benjamin Baker

Blanche Kaaiwela Baker

Donna Nahinu Baker

Edna Maile Kanealii Baker

Jack K. Baker

Jack N. Baker III

Kaeha Baker Sr.

Kamoha-Alii Baker

Mele Baker

Audrey Palapala Basques

Verna Escalante

Hailama Farden

Erin Willis Gorai

Edith E Kuiee-Baker Harvey

Valerie Ibarra

Leilani ʻI-Lovell

Bernadette Farden Kidder

Gail Mililani Kittelman

Martha Kuehn

Terry Kuehn

DJ Mark

Ali'iolani Naipo

Carmita TK Nask

Apelila Baker Newby

Florence Namau'u Przybys

Edsel Ralar Sr.

Kathy Holoaumoku Ralar

Marybud Sylva Kobatake

Emma Baker Sarono

Angelina A. Sarono

Reidar Smith

Emma G. Baker Thompson

Wilbur Thompson

Lana Vierra

Daniel Kaopuiki III

Ahoi Simeona

Harriette Simeona

Sammy Makalena

April West-Baker

NĀ LĀLĀ PUA (Keiki members)

Kaeha Baker Jr

Lila Baker

Ikaika Baker

Maile L Baker

Ilijah Baker

Nikole Baker

Isabel Baker

Isis Baker

Isaiah Baker

Iterniti Baker

Jasena Baker


Kaleimomi Newby

Lilinoe Newby

Lopaka Thompson

AHCC 2006 Convention, Honolulu

 Celebrating MAWHCC Charter with Club Sponsor Lahaina Hawaiian Civic Club and founding members. (Top row L-R) Ben Baker, Hailama Farden, Emma Sarono, Marybud Kobatake (Bottom row L-R)

Lana Vierra, Holoaumoku Ralar, Eddie Ralar, Bernadette Kidder

Mike's Beach, Liliwaup, WA, MAWHCC's first meeting July 2006, Na Keiki a me na 'opio founding members