Together we can make a difference

MAWHCC is dedicated to helping our youth with education through scholarship programs.  Our biggest fund raiser is called ʻAha Mele held once a year.  We share our Hawaiian culture through entertainment, cuisine, and vendors.

During the year our members, through committees, plan and organize activities for membership and community.  These activities include Hawaiian based workshops, service projects, picnics, and other social gatherings.

We attend an annual convention to be informed about, discuss, and vote on legislative measures that benefit Native Hawaiians.

We invite you to join MAWHCC and experience and feel the love we have for our members and our Hawaiian community. We encourage you to look through our committees to see where you would like to share your talents.  


Our goal is education for our ʻOhana. We are pleased to have supported many on their journey of continued education. ʻAha Mele is our main fundraiser to support the MAWHCC college scholarship program.  

Scholarship Program>


We promote education and social welfare for the Hawaiian people. We attend an annual convention where we learn, discuss, and vote on resolutions for legislative bills in the best interest of Hawaiian people.


We organize cultural events promoting Hawaiian values, such as:


Create a community of friends and family with like interests, such as: