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Aloha Committee

We are here to join in your celebrations, be a resource to provide answers to your questions or guide you to the proper agency/persons who can, support you in times of need and to reach out to you to say “aloha”, how are you doing?

In 1970 at the Hawaiʻi Governor’s conference on the year 2000, Kumu Pilahi Paki gave the first public transmission of ALOHA:

AAkahai – Hawaiʻi meaning Kindness to be expressed with a feeling of tenderness

LLōkahi – Hawaiʻi meaning Unity to be expressed with a feeling of harmony

OʻOluʻolu – Hawaiʻi meaning Agreeable to be expressed with a feeling of pleasantness

HHaʻahaʻa – Hawaiʻi meaning Humility to be expressed with a feeling of modesty

AAhonui – Hawaiʻi meaning Patience to be applied with perseverance

If you or someone you know needs support please email us at

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